Take Steps to Improve Your Dad’s Qualify of Life

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month happens each June to bring awareness to diseases of the brain. Alzheimer’s is one of the most prevalent, and people don’t always understand what symptoms and behaviors occur as the disease progresses. With 6.5 million Americans and their families and friends all going through the Alzheimer’s battle together, it’s important to work on any measures that improve quality of life. Here are some steps that you and senior home care providers can follow.

Stay Active

Senior Home Care Thousand Oaks CA - Take Steps to Improve Your Dad's Qualify of Life

Senior Home Care Thousand Oaks CA – Take Steps to Improve Your Dad’s Qualify of Life

Keep your dad active and engaged. Often, being outside in a garden where he can smell flowers, look at the different colors, and watch the birds will help your dad’s brain engage with nature. If you live near a lake or river, take walks along them.

Think about things he loved to do. You may need to make adjustments to keep him from being overwhelmed. Your dad loved going out for a pint and fish and chips. Instead of taking him out to a busy, noisy restaurant, order takeout and bring it to his home. He’ll enjoy the meal without becoming agitated by all of the other people and activity levels.

Distract With Music

When your dad’s agitation is increasing, put on some music. Music often pulls what focus he has from the thing that’s currently agitating him and redirects that attention. When choosing music, think about his favorite bands and singers from his teen years. Start there and, if that music doesn’t work, move to his childhood or early-20s.

Keep Plenty of Finger Foods On Hand

As your dad’s disease progresses, he’ll have a harder time managing a spoon or fork. You may find he wants to eat all of the time, but he can’t manage a full meal.

Keep plenty of finger foods available for meals and snacks. Fish sticks, chicken fingers, sweet potato wedges, toast sticks, boiled eggs, and raw fruits and vegetables are easy to pick up and eat.

Many people with Alzheimer’s crave sweeter foods. Look for items that provide the nutritional benefits he needs, such as banana slices with almond butter to dip them in. Serve toast fingers spread with apricot or date puree. Small quiches served in muffin cups are also good options.

Take Days Off and Have Senior Home Care Aides Step in

Family caregivers need to plan time for self-care. While it’s a considerate, loving act to provide the care your dad needs, it’s also emotionally and physically exhausting.

When you’re tired and stressed, your mood may be apparent to your dad. He acts up because he senses something is different and becomes agitated. Talk to our senior home care specialist about respite care services.

It’s important to have at least one day off each week. When you’re not with your dad, his senior home care aide is. He’s not alone, but you’re getting the chance to recharge. Call our senior home care advisor today.

Sources: https://www.alz.org/alzheimers-dementia/facts-figures

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