Heart Healthy Brunch Ideas Perfect For Family Brunch

Brunch is a fantastic way to connect with your senior loved one. When you don’t have the time during the week to sit down over a meal and spend some quality time with your senior parent, you can do it over a fantastic brunch on the weekend. April is National Brunch Month and it’s the perfect time to give brunch a try. But if your senior loved one is watching what they eat and trying to eat a heart-healthy diet, you and their senior home care providers should probably skip the bacon and heavy traditional brunch dishes.

When you or their senior home care aides are planning brunch with your senior loved one, put these heart-healthy foods on the menu:


Senior Home Care Santa Monica CA - Heart Healthy Brunch Ideas Perfect For Family Brunch

Senior Home Care Santa Monica CA – Heart Healthy Brunch Ideas Perfect For Family Brunch

Fruit is perfect for brunch, especially in the spring and summer. Citrus fruits are loaded with Vitamin C and essential vitamins and minerals that everyone needs, especially seniors. Oranges, grapefruits, berries, and even exotic fruits like mangoes are a delicious way to kick-off brunch. You can serve fresh fruit in so many different ways that you’ll never run out of fun serving ideas. A melon boat filled with seasonal fruit will make the table look very festive and be fun to eat. Ask your senior parent or their senior home care provider to help wash and cut up the fruit ahead of time so it’s ready to go at brunch time.

Yogurt Or Cottage Cheese

Plain yogurt or sugar-free yogurt is a healthy breakfast staple. If you want to make a healthy but delicious brunch, use plain yogurt or cottage cheese as a base. Then add a packet of sugar-free gelatin powder in whatever fruit flavor you want. Add in a tub of sugar-free whipped topping. Mix that all together and stir in some berries and cut up bananas. It’s a delicious but healthy brunch treat that is a great replacement for sugary muffins or doughnuts. Cool yogurt or cottage cheese is a wonderful brunch addition in hot weather.


Eggs are not always included on a heart-healthy menu but eggs can be very healthy. They are a great source of protein when they’re not fried in butter. And you can make eggs in dozens of different ways. Eggs are perfect for adding a savory component to the brunch. Make a quiche with low-fat cheese and fresh spinach, just skip the high fat and high-calorie bacon, sausage, or ham. Hard-boiled or deviled eggs are a brunch favorite. Your senior loved one can tackle the deviled eggs with help from a senior home care provider if you don’t have time during the week to make them.


Vegetables can be served on their own as a side dish or mixed into eggs for delicious dishes that are limited only by your imagination. With low-calorie tortillas eggs, vegetables, and seasonings can become delicious breakfast burritos. With fresh tomatoes and onions, plain eggs become a spicy scrambled concoction. Get creative and get cooking some brunch in April!

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