Five Reasons Your Senior Needs to Be More Active, if She Can

Your elderly family member might not enjoy the idea of exercising, but if her doctor has cleared her to do so, there are lots of reasons for her to keep moving. These are just a few of the ways that exercise can help to improve your senior’s quality of life.

Senior Care Ventura CA - Five Reasons Your Senior Needs to Be More Active, if She Can

Senior Care Ventura CA – Five Reasons Your Senior Needs to Be More Active, if She Can

Being More Active Can Help Her to Age in Place

If your senior’s big goal these days involves aging in place, exercise is going to help her to get there. She will be stronger, she’ll have better mobility and flexibility, and her balance will be better. All of these physical factors can play into whether or not she’s able to age in place the way she wants to.

She Can Better Control Health Conditions

Health issues almost universally tend to respond to moving a little bit more often. Exercise alone won’t cure anything, but it can definitely help. Make sure that your senior is aware of how much exercise is right for her. Her doctor can help her to determine that amount and make sure that she’s truly benefiting from the exercise she’s doing.

She Can Improve Her Bone Strength

Weight-bearing exercise, like walking, can improve muscle strength but it also strengthens bones. If your elderly family member is prone to bone weakness at all or if she’s developed osteoporosis already, she needs to add exercise to her routine. Regular bone testing at her doctor’s office can help your senior to track her progress toward her goals.

She Might Improve Her Energy Levels

Energy is another area that can suffer if your senior isn’t moving much at all. Lower activity levels lower just about everything else for your senior, including her appetite and her overall ability to feel energized. Moving just a little bit more regularly helps to jump start her energy levels, helps her to sleep better, and can improve a great many little issues for her.

She Can Manage Anxiety More Readily

If your elderly family member is experiencing anxiety, exercise can help. Moving releases endorphins and other chemicals in the body that can improve mood. Just a little bit of extra exercise can release these happy chemicals, which can in turn help her to feel more like moving and doing other things, too.

Your senior might feel more comfortable moving a little more often if she knows that there’s someone there with her. Senior care providers can offer companionship while your senior exercises and also help with other tasks around the house.

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