February is National Heart Month

Symptoms, such as arm pain or labored breathing, which your loved one can typically disregard may be the first signs of a worsening heart condition. Our non-medical home care can give you peace-of-mind and help you and your loved one manage a heart condition. February is National Heart Month, connect with us today to learn more Assisting Hearts Home Care 805-371-0033 or 818-593-0094.

Senior Care Santa Monica CA - February is National Heart Month

Senior Care Santa Monica CA – February is National Heart Month

The most important step that you can take when caring for someone after a heart attack is to follow the doctor’s orders exactly. Your loved one’s doctor might prescribe a range of medications and/or recommend a cardiac rehabilitation program. Following these directives to the letter will greatly increase your loved one’s chances of making a full recovery. So, if you’re going to play a major role in your loved one’s healing process, make sure that you or someone you trust is there to record any medical directives made by your loved one’s doctor. Pay close attention, take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek clarification.

After a heart attack, most patients spend between one to three months resting and recuperating. To improve your loved one’s chances of recovery, it’s important that they go as easy on their heart as possible during the healing process. During this time, it’s important that someone is there to make daily living easier. Providing senior care after a heart attack can mean offering a helping hand with physically exerting activities, like housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, and sometimes just walking the dog. Depending on your loved one’s condition, it might also mean helping your loved one get dressed, bathe, or go to the bathroom. This will lower the amount of stress on your loved one’s cardiovascular system and reduce their risk of a second attack.

Proper care after a heart attack can be a lot to handle for one person, or even an entire family. One avenue that many families take is to hire a professional home care aide to assist with the non-medical aspects of senior care after a heart attack. If you think you may need help with post-heart attack senior care, contact Assisting Hearts Home Care at 805-371-0033 or 818-593-0094 to arrange for a free in-home assessment and begin the care you need today.

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