Managing Your Mom’s Dietary Restrictions with Senior Care

Older adults often have to start carefully considering their dietary choices. High blood pressure requires a low-sodium diet. Prediabetes or diabetes requires a low-sugar diet. If your mom has heart disease, she’s probably on a strict low-fat diet and her senior care aides should be aware of this.

Senior Care Thousand Oaks CA - Managing Your Mom's Dietary Restrictions with Senior Care

Senior Care Thousand Oaks CA – Managing Your Mom’s Dietary Restrictions with Senior Care

Other issues can impact the diet. A combination of health issues may require your mom to watch her sodium intake, sugar intake, and fat intake. If she had a stroke and can’t swallow, she may need a soft food diet.

Sometimes the diets are temporary measures before a test like a colonoscopy. Other times, the diets are a lifestyle change that can be harder to embrace. Help her embrace a new diet so that she doesn’t feel so alone.

Join Her

While you may not have dietary restrictions, it won’t hurt you to embrace your mom’s nutritional changes. Try cooking low-sodium meals and experiment with the best ways to add flavor without adding salt. Lemon or lime juice, fresh herbs, and garlic all boost flavor without adding sodium.

Join her so that she doesn’t feel as alone. Plus, through trial and error, you’ll find ways to make something taste great, even if it is healthier.

Swap Favorites for Similar, Healthier Options

Instead of relying on old favorites that don’t meet her dietary needs, take a closer look at making sure meals are full of flavor. She loves stir-fries, but the soy sauce is high in sodium. Purchase low-sodium soy sauce and use herbs like Thai basil and ginger to add more flavor.

If she needs low-fat meals, look into ways to reduce fat content in her favorite meals. She loves pasta bolognese. Instead of using beef, pork, and veal in the sauce, try swapping the meats for tofu and portobello mushrooms.

She loves grilled steaks, but her doctor said she needs to cut back on red meat. She insists on having steak, though. She could have kebabs made with more vegetables than beef. Use a meaty vegetable like eggplant or mushrooms.

Have Senior Care Aides Prepare Her Meals

Learning how to prepare meals that meet her needs may be challenging. Help her out by hiring senior care providers to help her with meal preparation. While someone else is cooking the meals, she can focus on her other daily care needs.

While her senior care aide is cooking a meal, she can take any required medications before a meal. She could walk the dog around the yard and get some of the exercise she needs.

How do you make arrangements? Call our senior care agency and talk about your mom’s health issues. Discuss what dietary changes are required and see if our senior care agency has a caregiver who matches her needs.

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