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Active Seniors Living Life on Their Terms

Senior Care Malibu CA - Active Seniors Living Life on Their Terms

Senior Care Malibu CA – Active Seniors Living Life on Their Terms

Many people ask me what the key to aging is. My answer is stay as active as you physically and mentally can and get off the couch. Here is an amazing new story on a 92-year old practicing attorney from Westlake Ohio who still enjoys getting out on the water and sailing on Lake Erie at the young age of 92 years young.

This is what aging is all about, stay active turn off the television and get off the couch! While not every senior can do this, most can get up and become more active daily, start doing what you once loved to do or try something new. Life is short so take advantage of every precious day.

Here is the link to an amazing young lady of 92 years, please enjoy her story.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Senior Care Services in Malibu CA, please contact the caring staff at Assisting Hearts Home Care today. Proudly Serving the Los Angeles & Ventura County. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! (805) 371-0033, (818) 593-0094, (310) 230-5601.

Robert Ruetschle

Partner and CEO at Assisting Hearts Home Care
Assisting Hearts Home Care is a full-service and independent in-home care agency that has served the senior community of Los Angeles and Ventura counties for 10 years. We can now serve communities throughout all of Ventura and Los Angeles counties and provide exceptional care service to our clients by our exceptional caregivers.

Our team is comprised of highly experienced and dedicated professionals who are focused on providing exceptional in-home care services to our clients and their families.We are proud to have served thousands of individuals and families since our inception.

Assisting Hearts Home Care was established in 2008 by two professionals a husband and wife team who started the company after personally experiencing the challenges of caring for their aging parents and grandparents. They experienced first-hand at how difficult it was to find care that worked around your schedule and not the schedule of the agency with caring and dedicated caregivers. Since January 2008 Assisting Hearts Home Care has been owned and operated by Robert Ruetschle.Prior to opening Assisting Hearts Home Care, Robert was in upper management of a national pharmaceutical manufacturing company and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. Robert is passionate about supporting our older adult community and helping individuals age with dignity and grace in their own homes.

It is our mission to give peace of mind to our clients and their families by providing exceptional care.Our caregivers are also supported by an office staff of Senior Advisors and advanced CNA’s.Our team looks forward to getting to know each client and family personally.