National Gardening Exercise Day – Four Gardening Devices Every Aging Adult Needs

Gardening is a great exercise for seniors. It gets them outdoors where they’ll get some vitamin D from the sun. Fresh air benefits mood and may even help boost the immune system. Treat them to a new gardening experience just in time for National Gardening Exercise Day.

Senior Care Los Angeles CA - National Gardening Exercise Day – Four Gardening Devices Every Aging Adult Needs

Senior Care Los Angeles CA – National Gardening Exercise Day – Four Gardening Devices Every Aging Adult Needs

As mobility and stamina change, gardening may become more of a challenge. Rather than give up the popular hobby, there are gardening devices that can help make the experience a little easier for seniors who struggle with mobility.

Invest in these four gardening devices and make sure your parents get outside to garden this summer.

Coiled Stretch Hoses

Coiled hoses are a must-have when your parent needs to water the garden. These flexible hoses are coiled up and stretch as you walk. There’s no pulling on the hose to get it where you need it. Walk with the end of the hose in your hand and it stretches and follows you. When you’re done, it coils itself back up.

Garden Cart

Several companies make garden carts. Step 2 is a sturdy plastic cart that costs less than $50 and has storage for tools, beverages, and seeds. When the storage area is covered, it doubles as a garden seat that can hold up to 250 pounds. Wheels make it easy to move along the garden without having to stand up.

Grampa’s Weeder or the No-Bend Weed Remover

You may find this device under different names, but the devices all work the same. You have a long handle that is much like the wooden handle on a shovel or hoe. At the other end is a gripping prong and level. Put the open prongs over the weed, step on the level, and pull the weed out of the ground.

The prong is like a claw. It grabs the weed well under the surface, grips it tightly, and then takes it with it when you step on the lever and lift it up. There is no need to bend over to pull weeds. You’ll remove them from a standing position.

Cordless Tiller

Lightweight rechargeable tillers are handy for seniors with limited mobility. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use. Plus, they have rechargeable batteries, so there’s no need to gas up and start a bulky machine. Plug it in, charge it, bring it out to the garden, and rototill rows. It helps remove weeds and prepare the soil for seeding.

Even the best gardening tools cannot make sure your parents get out of the sun and drink water. Caregivers can. Hire senior care services to be there to support your parents in their wish to age at home. Senior care providers will help them with meals, supervise outdoor activities, and help them put away their fresh produce. Call our senior care agency to learn more.

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