Personal Care at Home: Help Your Dad With His Wellness Goals

After the age of 60, 70, or 80, your wellness goals are not the same as when you’re younger. At that point, it’s increasingly common to be diagnosed with one or more chronic health conditions. Arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, high blood pressure, cancer, and high cholesterol are the most prevalent. Your dad wants to focus on wellness this year. How do you and his personal care at home aides help him make and meet goals?

Change His Diet

Personal Care at Home Santa Monica CA - Personal Care at Home: Help Your Dad With His Wellness Goals

Personal Care at Home Santa Monica CA – Personal Care at Home: Help Your Dad With His Wellness Goals

Your dad should change his diet. They don’t have to be significant changes. Minor changes are all it takes to start improving his health. Limiting added sugar and salt in his favorite recipes is one option. Swap the salted chicken broth for a homemade, low-salt version.

When he’s buying groceries, he should watch for added sugar. Many jarred pasta sauces add sugar to sweeten the sauce. It’s unnecessary and easily avoided by choosing a brand that leaves the sugar out.

Create a Sleep Schedule

People often keep their kids to a sleep schedule, but adults don’t tend to do the same for themselves. A sleep schedule is essential for getting enough sleep.

Your dad must aim for seven or eight hours of sleep each night. He’ll pick a bedtime, avoid distractions that cause him to stay up later than he planned, and turn on white noise to drown out traffic or animal noises. He should also stop drinking water near bedtime and avoid caffeine after dinner.

Help Him Find a Sense of Purpose

If your dad feels that he has a vital role in the community, it helps with longevity. He should volunteer in some way. If he can’t leave home without someone else driving, he could find online volunteer opportunities. The Smithsonian looks for volunteers who can transcribe historical documents online.

There are other ways he can help from home. Gardening offers the perfect opportunity to donate his extra produce. Local food shelves and soup kitchens all accept locally-grown crops.

Can he knit? Many organizations look for knitted hats, blankets, scarves, and socks for ICU and neonatal wards in hospitals. Some charities look for these items for military members serving in frigid climates.

Make Sure He Sees His Doctor

When did your dad last go for a check-up? If it’s been over a year, it’s time for him to get caught up on vaccinations, screenings, tests, etc. Even if he’s not in the best shape and is embarrassed, it’s better to see his doctor, discuss the changes he should make to improve his health, and start taking those steps.

Personal Care at Home Services can Step in

Personal care at home services is a way to ensure your dad has the support he needs as he ages. He can still be in his home, but he may need a helping hand to remain independent. Talk to our personal care at home agency about the services that help improve your dad’s daily life as he gets older.

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