Awkward Topics to Discuss with Your Senior Loved One

May is National Older Americans Month and it’s the perfect time to learn more about how your senior parent communicates so that you and your aging parent can understand each other a little better and have fewer conflicts. One thing that adult children of aging parents should try to be sensitive to is that it’s very difficult for an aging parent to discuss some topics with their child. Even though you’re an adult and your parent is an adult, your aging parent is still going to be uncomfortable bringing up awkward topics for discussion or talking about certain things. Personal care at home services can step in and handle some of these touchy tasks.

When it comes to talking about these five things it might be better to start the conversation and make sure that you are listening to what your senior parent says.

Hire Personal Care at Home Services to Help with These Topics


Personal Care at Home Los Angeles CA - Awkward Topics to Discuss with Your Senior Loved One

Personal Care at Home Los Angeles CA – Awkward Topics to Discuss with Your Senior Loved One

Talking about incontinence can be embarrassing for your aging parent. However, it’s a conversation that you need to have. If your senior parent is experiencing incontinence they may be trying to deal with it alone or try to hide it. They could develop anxiety or depression from feeling like they are unable to control their bladder. But it’s something that millions of seniors experience. You could bring up the topic of personal care at home providers and how beneficial it can be to seniors and open the door for a deeper conversation.

Personal Care Challenges

Your aging parent may also be having trouble with personal care tasks like showering or getting dressed. Pay attention to your senior parent’s clothing and how they look. If they are wearing the same clothes repeatedly or they aren’t brushing their hair when normally they look very well put-together that’s the time to bring up personal care at home services to see if they would be interested in getting some professional help. It may be easier for them to accept help from a care provider rather than from their child.

Loneliness and Cognitive Troubles

Parents often don’t want to discuss depression or loneliness with their children. They don’t want to feel that they are burdening their kids or trying to pressure their kids to spend more time with them. But loneliness and depression can cause serious physical and mental health problems for seniors. Everyone is lonely sometimes. Maybe open up a dialog with your senior parent by talking about a time when you were lonely.

If your senior parent is having trouble remembering things or feels confused often it can be scary for them. They likely won’t want to discuss it with you, but it’s something that needs to be addressed. You can ask their doctor to speak to them about any cognitive symptoms they may be experiencing.

Taking Care Of Pets/House

If your senior parent has a pet and they are struggling to care for the pet they may not want to bring it up because they don’t want to be pressured to give up the pet. And if they are struggling with housework they may not want to tell you for fear you will think they can’t handle aging in place. But if you notice that the pet isn’t getting the care it should, or if the house is looking a little untidy you can bring up the subject of getting help at home to reassure your senior loved one.

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