Our In-Home Care Services for
Los Angeles and Ventura County Seniors

Home care services in Los Angeles and Ventura County

At Assisting Hearts Home Care, we are proud to offer a wide range of senior care options to families in the Los Angeles and Ventura county areas. For Los Angeles and Ventura county seniors, the trials that come with old age can sometimes overshadow what are meant to be their golden years. The good news is that help is close to home. Assisting Hearts Home Care offers top-tier senior care to families in our community with our Registered and Approved Caregivers.

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Types of Care


Bringing bright, positive energy to share with your loved one and lending them a helping hand are the cornerstones of this senior care program.


When a senior begins to struggle with delicate, personal tasks like washing or dressing, they need sensitive assistance from someone who will put their dignity first. Our compassionate caregivers do just that.


If your loved one needs night time care and you are worn down with round-the-clock care, you might consider getting some respite during the nights.  An overnight caregiver can allow you the time to sleep so you are ready for a day of caregiving.  You can be a good caregiver for your loved one only if you have the rest and energy you need.  We can help with those long nights of care.


When you or your loved one no longer wants to or physically cannot change linens, make the bed, do the laundry, perform light housekeeping, walk the dog, prepare meals or clean up the kitchen, that’s where we can assist them.


When a senior begins to struggle with driving to the doctor’s appointment, errands, range of motion exercises and walking, our caregivers can assist them with these activities.


Caring for an ailing senior means more than just seeing to their physical needs. To provide truly exceptional senior care for chronically ill individuals our caregivers tend to their emotional and spiritual needs as well.


Our senior caregivers can coordinate directly with your loved one's health care staff to ensure a smooth transition home and that their recovery goes smoothly and prevent a premature return.


This senior care option makes keeping in touch with faraway loved ones easier than ever by providing a patient companion caregiver to guide them through the steps of online communication tools like video chat.


Dementia is a unique disease and therefore requires a unique approach to best manage it. We offer advanced dementia care training to our caregivers to offer the best quality senior care to individuals afflicted with dementia.


Coping with difficult symptoms which often accompany Alzheimer's, like anxiety and emotional outbursts, requires professional skill which our senior caregivers can provide to help your loved one maintain their independence at home.


Having a companion caregiver there to provide steady helping hands and a sturdy shoulder to lean on can make all the difference to families whose loved ones have entered the end of life process.

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