Battling Loneliness While Aging in Place

Your senior may at some point start to experience loneliness in a different way than she did in the past. She may even find that she needs more companionship now than she might have before. This can conflict with her desire to continue to age in place.

In-Home Care Ventura CA - Battling Loneliness While Aging in Place

In-Home Care Ventura CA – Battling Loneliness While Aging in Place

Loneliness Can Start Subtly

The first thing to remember is that loneliness doesn’t start there. It starts with your senior having gradually more and more time alone. It also starts with her needs around companionship and alone time changing. Very few people consistently have the same needs for companionship their entire lives. Those needs change over time. Your senior may not realize at first that she’s experiencing loneliness.

Loneliness Has Physical Effects

Extended bouts of loneliness can have a physical impact. Loneliness is a form of stress, especially when your elderly family member needs more in the way of companionship. Some of the types of issues she might experience could be things like headaches or gastrointestinal effects. She might also experience emotional issues, like panic attacks. Your senior may have even tried talking to her doctor about what she’s experiencing.

Other Changes Factor in, Too

Part of what causes your senior’s emotional needs around companionship to change can involve many of the other changes she’s experiencing. Experiencing an injury or having to have surgery both mean that your elderly family member needs more help. That may cause her to feel more needy on an emotional level, too. These are not just someone creating drama, either. These are valid emotional responses to those changes.

Get to the Root of Your Senior’s Needs and Help Her Find Solutions

As her caregiver, you need to get to the root of your senior’s needs and requirements so that you can help her to find solutions. Some of those solutions might be ones that you can implement for her. Others may require that you get some assistance yourself. In-home care providers offer companionship, for example, and they can do so when you can’t be there. In-home care providers can also be there for your senior in other ways that matter immensely, like taking over the driving for her or helping her to eat healthy meals.

Your elderly family member can absolutely age in place, but she’s going to need to address certain considerations that might make that more difficult. Figuring out how to deal with any loneliness that crops up is just one of those considerations.

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