Four Ideas for Letting Technology Help You as a Long-Distance Caregiver 

When you and your senior are far apart, it’s hard not to feel as if you’re missing what’s really going on with her. The beauty of living in an age when technology has come such a long way is that you can put that technology to work toward staying in better touch with your senior and her needs.

Check out What Tech You’ve All Got to Start

In-Home Care Thousand Oaks CA - Four Ideas for Letting Technology Help You as a Long-distance Caregiver 

In-Home Care Thousand Oaks CA – Four Ideas for Letting Technology Help You as a Long-Distance Caregiver

The first step is to find out what sorts of technology everyone is dealing with so that you can determine if you’ve got some overlaps. For instance, if everyone has Apple products, then FaceTime might be an easy answer for communication. A mix of products? You might try something else. Also, your senior may have a computer, but not a smartphone yet. There might be some upgrades that can make life easier for both of you.

Do Some Practice Runs

Before you put a solid system in place, do some test runs. That’s going to help you to work out the bugs in the plans. It will also help both you and your elderly family member to feel a little less frustrated with actual communication if you know that what you’re aiming for is just to test out how things work.

Try Automated Check-ins and Reminders

Something else that helps a lot, especially when you’re busy and don’t want to forget anything, is to take advantage of automation. You might want to set a few different reminder alerts for yourself, either in your calendar or on your smartphone. You can also schedule emails to your senior, even recurring emails, in which you prompt her to take care of specific things or to help her to stick to her routine. These can be a great way to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Lean on In-person Help When Necessary

As much as you might want to be able to handle everything remotely, that might not be fully as possible as you or your senior want it to be. That’s when in-home care providers can be an excellent addition to your long-distance caregiving plan. They can help you to know exactly what’s going on with your senior’s situation and help her with hands-on assistance, too.

Being a long-distance caregiver can feel as if you’re just not doing enough, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using the tools that you have to their fullest extent can help more than you think.

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