In-Home Care Services Help More Than the Elderly

Your dad is older and relies on you for a lot of help each day. Have you ever stopped to look at the different ways in-home care services can help both of you?

You Can Reduce Your To-Do List

In-Home Care Malibu CA - In-Home Care Services Help More Than the Elderly

In-Home Care Malibu CA – In-Home Care Services Help More Than the Elderly

When caregivers are helping your dad out, it helps you out by reducing your to-do list. Think about all that you help your dad complete each day. You help him get showered and dressed before you cook his breakfast. You clean up the kitchen, load and run the dishwasher, and get started on housework.

You have to cook his lunch, join him for a walk, take care of his dogs, do the laundry, run errands, and schedule his appointments. It’s a lot. You rarely have time for the things you need to do for yourself.

When you hire in-home care aides to help out, you can cut your to-do list down. Focus on the things you would prefer to do for your dad personally. That might include scheduling his appointments and accompanying him to them. It might be things he only trusts you to do, such as pay his bills or pick up his prescription medications.

With caregivers handling routine chores like changing the sheets, doing the laundry, vacuuming carpets, and washing dishes, you have extra time. Use the extra time to take care of yourself. Spend an hour with your kids, take a walk by yourself, or go out and see friends. You might want to soak in a bubble bath or sleep in.

You Have Time for Self-Care

When caregivers are helping your dad with many of the items he can’t do independently, you’re free to do things for yourself. You get to take care of yourself, which is necessary for your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Use in-home care services to support yourself, too. Self-care shouldn’t be an afterthought. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself while caring for your dad. With caregivers helping out from time to time, you have the chance to visit friends, have a lazy day at home, or run errands without having to bring your dad along.

Your Dad will Socialize With In-Home Care Aides

While in-home care aides help you out, it benefits your dad even more. He has the chance to socialize with someone new. He’s not limited to talks with you and his immediate family. He gets to meet new people and exercise the social skills that help keep his mental and emotional health in prime condition.

He can engage with his caregivers by joining them for a game of cards, a board game, a walk outside, or time in the garden. His caregiver can eat a meal with him or take him shopping. He can even have his caregiver available for walks around the neighborhood.

In-home care aides can come as often as you need them. Call our in-home care agency to learn more about caregiver services.

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