How Do You Help Your Dad Adjust to Life in a Wheelchair?

After a stroke, your dad’s mobility is greatly impacted. Doctors think he’ll need a wheelchair for the rest of his life. It’s already a big change for him. What can you do to help him adjust to the changes he faces?

Home Upgrades Have to Be Made

In-Home Care Los Angeles CA - How Do You Help Your Dad Adjust to Life in a Wheelchair?

In-Home Care Los Angeles CA – How Do You Help Your Dad Adjust to Life in a Wheelchair?

Unless your dad’s house is already accessible, home upgrades need to be made. You may have to weigh the cost of these improvements against the cost of selling his house and moving him into a one-level, wheelchair-accessible home.

One of the first upgrades is a wheelchair ramp. Your dad has to be able to get into his home. If his house has steps at all leading into his house, he needs a ramp. Few houses are level to the ground.

Once inside his house, he needs to be able to get around. If there are stairs to bedrooms, bathrooms, or main living areas, he’s going to need a stairlift or elevator. That may not be cost-effective. His home may not have the room for that upgrade.

His bedroom, living area, kitchen, and bathroom all need to be available. This may mean moving a bedroom downstairs to a den, family room, or separate dining room. Is that something that’s possible with his home’s layout?

The bathroom needs to be changed to equip a wheelchair. A roll-in shower is a must. Grab bars and enough room to move from the wheelchair to the toilet are needed.

Kitchen counters and appliances need to be low enough for him to use safely. If that’s not possible, he’ll need in-home care aides or family members to prepare his meals for him.

Finally, hallways and doorways need to be wide enough to fit the wheelchair. Usually, this means openings that are 36 inches or more. If there are narrower doors or halls, they all need to be widened by opening up walls or resizing entrances. Doors should have knobs switched to lever handles.

Keep Up With Therapy Sessions

In addition to learning how to navigate his house with help from caregivers and family members, your dad should go through physical therapy. He’ll need to work on muscle building exercises. He may also need occupational therapy.

With therapy, he’ll learn the skills that are needed to move around without help and do simple things for himself. He’ll wheel himself from one part of the house to the other. He might gain the skills that are needed to get the mail and transfer himself from the wheelchair to bed or the toilet.

He Needs Plenty of Help

You can’t drop everything to care for him. In-home care services become helpful with mobility, meals, bathing, toileting, and personal care. Make sure your dad has support every day. Call our in-home care agency to make arrangements.

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