Fun Arts and Crafts for Seniors and In-Home Care Aides

One of the best things about in-home care associates is that they provide companions for seniors who want to age in place. Another job function is helping keep them entertained while also keeping the seniors on a routine that keeps them healthy. In-home care may also help them with other day to day tasks to help the senior live better on their own. This can be a great way to ensure a senior is aging in place safely.

In-Home Care Thousand Oaks CA - Fun Arts and Crafts for Seniors and In-Home Care Aides

In-Home Care Thousand Oaks CA – Fun Arts and Crafts for Seniors and In-Home Care Aides

Aging and becoming an older adult is a lifestyle change and there is a lot that a senior may no longer be able to do. Luckily, there are tons of fun activities that a senior will be able to do as they get older, though they may need the help from in-home care. A caregiver will be able to find things for the senior to do and may be able to help pick up certain art supplies for them to use as well.

Caregivers can help encourage activities that help reduce stress and anxiety like painting, knitting, making art, and much more. There are some fun ways seniors can express themselves while also finding it calming. They may not be able to run six miles like they used to for stress relief but there are so many other ways to destress at the end of a day.

Fun Arts and Crafts for Seniors 

Crafting is a fun way to stay busy and create things for their loved ones. This is something that a senior can do with grandkids, and it may even be a fun way to make birthday gifts or holiday gifts this year. A senior can ask the in-home care provider to pick up materials for them as a small quick errand.

Flower Pressing

If a senior has a beautiful garden, they can pick their favorite flowers and dry them out. They can do this by using a dehydrator or press them inside of a book with paper towels. Once they are dried and laminated, they make great bookmarks, postcards, or even birthday cards.

Paint Bird Houses

At many arts and crafts stores, there are fully made birdhouses that can be painted. This is a fun way to make something for the seniors’ garden and put a creative twist on them. There are tons of different designs the senior can choose from and many different colors to paint.

Adult Coloring Book

A good way to destress is by picking up an adult coloring book. They can have simple designs or very intricate designs. A senior can spend a few minutes to a few hours working on a coloring page.

Rock Painting

During the winter months, a senior can spend time painting rocks to later put on their front porch or in their garden next year. One fun idea an in-home care provider can mention is doing themes for each season.

Photo Albums

If a senior has tons of photos, one fun idea is to create unique photo albums and fill them with their memories. This makes a great present for their kids too.

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