Hospice & Respite Care in
Los Angeles and Ventura County

Hospice & Respite Care in Los Angeles and Ventura County

Hospice Care in Los Angeles and Ventura County

When a family member is diagnosed with a terminal disease or a limited life expectancy, they often require some form of end of life care, or Hospice Care. During this difficult time care responsibilities often fall to the family members. If you are in this position, you might also find that you don’t have the physical or emotional strength to shoulder these responsibilities all by yourself. This is where we can help, Assisting Hearts Home Care is the home care company that works alongside the Hospice Company to ensure your loved one is cared for during this very difficult time. The Hospice Care company provides the medical pain management care your loved one needs, and the Home Care company provides the daily personal care for your loved one’s well-being and quality of care during this time.

Our services can give you, your family, and your loved one the support and care you need during the final stages of life. We give our caregivers the training and information needed to support and assist our clients and their families through this emotional time.

At Assisting Hearts Home Care, our caregiving service is centered around your loved one’s comfort and well-being. Caregivers provide non-medical support to help minimize discomfort, assist with personal tasks such as dressing, bathing, and daily hygiene, and offer a comforting presence to help alleviate the feeling of loneliness, stress, and anxiety.

With Assisting Hearts Home Care, we work to make sure that family caregivers get the respite and assistance they need. We perform tasks such as meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, shopping, and running errands. With Assisting hearts Home Care, we offer emotional support or a helping hand whenever it is needed.

Assisting Hearts Home Care, offers the compassionate care and support you need to navigate the hospice care transition. Please contact us to provide any information you need and help you find a convenient time and place for an in-person meeting with Assisting Hearts Home Care.

Respite Care in Los Angeles and Ventura County

Caring for a loved one is one of the most generous and caring things you can do. Whether you’re caring for a parent with dementia or Alzheimer’s or a sibling, or friend, you’re providing the assistance they need to continue living safely at home. When you need a break contact Assisting Hearts Home Care we can help from a few hours a week up to 24-hours a day if needed.

Your job as a family caregiver is a rewarding but demanding. To provide the best care to your loved one, you need to be sure you are also taking care of yourself. You need to stay healthy and engaged in your personal life is also essential. Many family caregivers find it difficult to spend time focusing on their own needs, when their loved one is the focus of their attention. Respite care allows you to disengage for a few hours or a few days to rest and recharge.

How Respite Care Helps

Here at Assisting Hearts Home Care we match your loved one with one of our compassionate caregivers. Caregivers can visit for a few hours a day several times a week to provide family caregivers with the opportunity to run errands, go to work, or simply rest and recharge.

When our caregivers visit, they will quickly put your loved one at ease. While providing pleasant and friendly conversation, our caregivers will help with a wide variety of home care needs. We can assist your loved one with dressing and bathing, transferring assistance, medication reminders and other personal care needs. They can also help around the house performing simple task and preparing healthy meals. The care we provide makes it easy for your loved one to look forward to these visits and can help relieve the anxiety or guilt you may feel by stepping away for a few hours.

How to Get Started with In-Home Care

If you’ve been feeling tired or are finding yourself feeling frustrated with your caregiver role, now is a good time to consider in-home care. Taking care of yourself is vitally important. Respite care provides the break you need to rest and regroup.

Contact Assisting Hearts Home Care, we can match your loved one with a caregiver who can provide the assistance they need. Respite care is offered on an hourly basis, so you can establish the frequency and scope of care that best meets your needs. Because our home care services are flexible, should your loved one require more engaged care in the future, we can expand our role to include companion care, personal care, or even care for dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Find out more about our in-home respite care services by contacting Assisting Hearts Home Care in Los Angeles and Ventura County

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