Find Out Why Homecare is Important After a Dementia Diagnosis

Dementia is not what your family wanted to hear, but it’s happened. Alzheimer’s is the most common type of dementia, but there are others. Each one differs, but memory, speech, and mobility are all common symptoms.

There’s going to be some anxiety and fear. Don’t let that keep your parents and siblings from discussing what happens next. Plan now for future needs to make it easier as abilities change.

Abilities May Change Slowly or Rapidly

Homecare Thousand Oaks CA - Find Out Why Homecare is Important After a Dementia Diagnosis

Homecare Thousand Oaks CA – Find Out Why Homecare is Important After a Dementia

Dementia can be unpredictable. Some people are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and do not experience much of a decline for years. Others decline quickly. You have no way of knowing how it will go for your parent.

One of the first abilities to go after dementia is driving. Places stop looking familiar so it’s easy to become lost. Once your mom or dad’s doctor recommends taking away the keys, do it as quickly as possible. Your parent may not be happy with you, but it’s important. Home care transportation services make sure your mom or dad can get around.

Meal Preparation Becomes Dangerous

Not only does the memory decline, but the sense of time also goes. Also, the sense of smell changes. Your mom may remember to start cooking dinner, but she gets distracted while it’s cooking. By the time smoke/fire detectors go off, there could be a major fire that’s hard to put out.

You need to turn off power or gas to the stove and oven. Your mom won’t be able to cook meals, but home care aides can cook for her.

Medication Reminders Are Necessary

There will come a point where your dad forgets if he’s taken his medication. He’ll either take too much or skip daily doses. If that happens, his health will be impacted.

With homecare services, a caregiver will remind your dad to take his medication at the right time each day. When refills are needed, the caregiver can order them and pick them up or arrange delivery.

Build a Relationship Between Caregivers and Your Parent Now

There’s one other reason to arrange homecare services sooner rather than later. As memory declines, your mom or dad will forget names and faces. The more familiar a caregiver is with your parent, the easier care is going to be down the road.

People with dementia can become very stubborn and resistant to care from strangers. If they’re dealing with someone familiar to them, the argumentative behavior is less likely to get in the way of providing homecare services like personal care and grooming.

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