What Are the Healthy Habits Your Mom Needs to Add to Her Routine?

While there are no guarantees in life, experts say making a few lifestyle changes can help a person stay healthy and feel better. These are the healthy habits your mom needs to add to her routine if she hasn’t already.

Homecare Los Angeles CA - What Are the Healthy Habits Your Mom Needs to Add to Her Routine?

Homecare Los Angeles CA – What Are the Healthy Habits Your Mom Needs to Add to Her Routine?

Stop Smoking

If she’s a smoker, she needs to quit. As hard as it is, quitting reduces her risk for certain cancers and may lower the risk of developing gum disease. Her blood pressure will lower and carbon monoxide levels in her blood start to decline.

After two days, her heart attack risk decreases. In just one more day, her bronchial tubes relax and allow her to feel more active. Circulation improves in just a few weeks. After five years, her stroke risk is back to the same percentage as a non-smoker’s.

Get Moving

Your mom needs to get enough exercise each day. The goal is a minimum of 30 minutes per day for most of the week. Mixing up the exercise is ideal. She should work on walking one day, aerobic activities another, and strength training on another.

Eat a Healthy Diet

The Mediterranean diet is touted as the best. It focuses on lots of produce, whole grains, very few meats, and plenty of seafood. Olive oil and a small glass of red wine are also recommendations on this diet.

Your mom needs to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber, calcium/vitamin D, protein, and antioxidants. She can do this by eating a lot of vegetables, limiting red meats, increasing seafood, and sticking to whole grains. She needs to avoid processed, fatty, high-sugar foods.

Stay Hydrated

Your mom needs to stay hydrated. A good goal is two liters per day. If she’s particularly active or it’s very hot outside, which makes her sweat more, she may need to increase that amount.

Some of this water will come from the foods she eats. The rest should avoid sugary beverages. She needs to try to stick to unsweetened tea, water, and seltzer. If she hates the taste of plain water or seltzer, she could add a slice of lemon or lime or some fresh berries.

Leave Some Time for Relaxing

Relaxation is also important. If your mom is always trying to do things, she needs to stop and allow one hour a day for relaxation. It’s the time that she wants to calm her mind. Meditation is one way to do this. She could also spend an hour journaling her thoughts and venting frustrations or reading a book.

If your mom reaches a point where homecare services might help with laundry or meal preparation, don’t delay making the call. She’ll love maintaining her independence without worrying about being able to keep up with chores. Call our homecare specialist to make arrangements.

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