How Homecare Partnerships Can be Stress-Free

You’ve been thinking about having homecare aides helping your parents out. You’re busy at work and can’t keep taking their calls all day. Here are the best ways to form a stress-fee homecare partnership with their caregivers.

Get to Know the Homecare Aides

Homecare Ventura CA - How Homecare Partnerships Can be Stress-Free

Homecare Ventura CA – How Homecare Partnerships Can be Stress-Free

Take time to get to know your parents’ caregivers. If you’re both strangers to each other, it’s hard to form a connection that allows you to work together. You want to know about the things your parents’ caregivers are doing each day, what training they have, and if there are things they feel would make your parents’ daily care easier to accomplish.

Don’t Try to Take Over

When a professional caregiver is helping out each day, make sure you’re not questioning the caregiver’s abilities and trying to take over. If your mom is stubborn, don’t jump in and say you can do it better. Let the caregiver work it out. Only step in if the caregiver asks for help.

Ask Questions

If you don’t understand something or want more input when it comes to the care your parents are getting, ask questions. Don’t just hope it will come up at some point and get frustrated if the caregiver never mentions it.

For example, you’ve found that your parents are often saying they don’t get enough food. You know money is being spent on groceries, and there isn’t a lot of extra food in the kitchen. You wonder what’s going on. Rather than make assumptions, talk to the caregiver. Ask for a list of what your parents eat, how much they’ve eaten, and if there are concerns.

Sometimes, a caregiver will follow guidelines, especially if there is a chronic health condition. Your dad may be craving a brownie sundae, but his doctor said that’s a bad idea now that he has diabetes. He may complain to you that the caregiver isn’t feeding him enough, but it’s really that the caregiver isn’t letting him have foods he’s been told to avoid.

Make Sure You Understand the Homecare Providers’ Policies

You want to work with your parents’ caregivers. To do this, ask the homecare agency about their policies. Do caregivers give weekly or monthly reports to check in with you? Are you allowed or able to stop by and ask the caregiver if the care plan is covering your parents’ current needs?

It’s important to be proactive in your parents’ care, even if you’re not their primary caregiver anymore. Call our homecare agency and learn more about creating a stress-free partnership that ensures your parents are cared for and safe at home.

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