Exercise Can Be a Solution for a Senior with High Blood Pressure

Your elderly family member might take medications for her high blood pressure or adjust her diet, but exercise can be an effective tool, too. The key to adding exercise to your senior’s health plan for managing high blood pressure is to make the process as enjoyable as you can.

Home Health Care Malibu CA - Exercise Can Be a Solution for a Senior with High Blood Pressure

Home Health Care Malibu CA – Exercise Can Be a Solution for a Senior with High Blood Pressure

Set up an Exercise Plan with Her Doctor

Any time that your elderly family member is thinking about starting an exercise plan or changing it dramatically, it’s a good idea to run it past her doctor. Her doctor can let you both know what amount of exercise is right for her and give her an idea what types of exercise might be the best fit. This is a vital piece of adding exercise to her care plan and can’t be skipped over.

Find a Way to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

When exercise is a regular part of your senior’s every day routine, it’s much easier for her to stick with it. Making it a daily habit means that you need to start out slowly with exercise and keep the sessions short and useful. A walk in the middle of the morning can be a great way to get the rest of the day kicked off. Stretching exercises right after waking up can wake up muscles and joints. The exercise your senior does doesn’t have to be extreme at all.

Life Is Too Short for Exercise She Hates

The big thing to remember is that if your senior hates the exercise that she’s doing, she’s not going to want to stick with it. It’s a lot easier to come up with reasons and excuses to not do something that you don’t like doing anyway. Remove that obstacle from the start and help your elderly family member to find activities that she actively enjoys. Make those activities fun and enjoyable in any way that you can so that they’re not a hassle for her.

Learn the Signs of Trouble

Make sure that you and your aging adult both know what trouble might look like while she’s exercising. Being too short of breath, feeling dizzy, or experiencing sudden weakness are not good signs. If she experiences chest pains, she should definitely stop exercising. Unless what you’re seeing is definitely an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, contact her doctor to determine if you need to be more concerned than you are. From there, she should take it easy until she feels okay to exercise again as long as her doctor agrees.

Adding exercise to your elderly family member’s daily routine can help her in so many ways, not just with her high blood pressure. If you’re concerned about her exercising alone, home health care providers are excellent companions and they know what to watch for in terms of overexertion in aging adults.

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