Why Won’t Your Senior Wear Her Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids are expensive, even in this modern age. So, when you find out your senior is refusing to wear her hearing aids you might wonder what gives. Turns out that there can be a lot of different reasons your elderly family member avoids wearing these tiny amplifiers and some of those reasons are easier to correct than others.

Home Care Ventura CA - Why Won’t Your Senior Wear Her Hearing Aids?

Home Care Ventura CA – Why Won’t Your Senior Wear Her Hearing Aids?

They’re Not Comfortable

Some people find that having something in or around their ears is really uncomfortable. This can be true even if they seemed comfortable when she first tried them on. Wearing them for a long period of time, especially at first, can compound this situation. She may want to try wearing them for shorter periods and gradually increase the time she has them in. If they’re uncomfortable from the moment they’re on, they may need further adjusting.

They’re Difficult to Maintain

Every assistive device needs to be maintained to some extent or another. Hearing aids are no different in that respect. Your senior’s hearing aids need to be cleaned regularly, usually just with a damp cloth. Check to make sure there isn’t any earwax plugging any openings, too. If the maintenance is too fiddly for your senior, she may need some help. This is one of those tasks that home care providers can easily take over for her.

They’re Too Loud, Too Soft, or Too Something Else

Hearing aids are complicated little pieces of technology. Your elderly family member may complain that they’re just not working well for her. They may be too loud for her to hear well or they may never seem to amplify sounds for her. That might mean that the settings are off a bit. Many hearing aids available now use a smartphone app to fine-tune things like volume. If the app isn’t helping, the hearing aids may need to be adjusted by your senior’s audiologist.

Your Senior Hates How They Sound

For a lot of people, hearing aids are just irritating to wear because of how they amplify sound. Even if they’re set perfectly, your elderly family member may just hate wearing them because of how they make the world sound. This is a lot more common than people expect it to be, especially if they’re convinced that hearing aids are going to be the perfect answer.

Hearing aids are an assistive tool and they take some getting used to in order to get the full benefit. That can take some time.

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