Where Do You Get Help When You’re “In the Middle”?

So many caregivers now are the ones in the middle of everything. They’ve got kids who need their time and attention, but senior family members also need time and attention. This makes for a complicated situation that isn’t necessarily easy to navigate.

Home Care Services Malibu CA - Where Do You Get Help When You’re “In the Middle”?

Home Care Services Malibu CA – Where Do You Get Help When You’re “In the Middle”?

The “Sandwich Generation” Often Feels Stuck

The term “sandwich generation” is used to describe someone who is caring for both older family members and younger family members. The caregiver is the “meat” in the middle of the sandwich while the older and younger members of the family are the “bread.” What happens, though, is that the person in the middle of the sandwich often feels stuck and out of options. That’s not a good feeling, especially when all you want to do is care for the people you love.

You’re Not as Alone as You Feel

As alone as you feel when you’re part of the sandwich generation, you’re really not. You may have more friends and family waiting to be able to help you than you realize. Often what they’re waiting for is for you to express that you need and want help. They don’t want to overstep boundaries, so they wait. But when you don’t ask for the assistance that you need, their hands are tied.

Home Care Services Providers Ease the Load

Even if you don’t have friends and family who are able to pitch in, home care service providers can help to ease that workload for you. They have the experience that you need in order to feel comfortable having someone else working with your senior and they know what you need help with the most, even if you’re not sure. Their expertise can make everything about caregiving easier for you.

Needs Can Shift with Short Notice

The needs that you’re meeting on a daily basis for the other people in your life can shift with very little or even no notice. Kids get sick, your senior may face health emergencies, and even you might have to shift your priorities to something else, like work. The landscape that you navigate on a daily basis can feel as if it’s built on shifting sand. Having help allows you to turn loose of some of the factors that you manage on a daily basis.

Being in the middle isn’t a bad thing at all, but when you’re feeling as if you don’t have anywhere to turn for help, you might not be having the best experience. It’s helpful if you can keep your mind open to all sorts of options that can help you and the people that you love to have the best experience possible.

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