The single best way to avoid getting a cold, the flu, or other airborne viruses is to wash your hands, often! The single best thing to do is to auto-immunize yourself by washing your hands frequently just like your mother told you to do when you were young. I know this sounds very simple and almost not worthy of mention, but we touch our fingers to our face hundreds of time a day. And the most common way that we all get infected is someone coughs and the droplets land on the armrest, door knob, or other area the infected person droplets land and I put my hand there 10 minutes or up to an hour later without knowing you were sick and then I touch my nose and it gets into my mouth.

Home Care Services Malibu CA - Tips for Avoiding the Flu or Colds by Auto-immunizing Yourself

Home Care Services Malibu CA – Tips for Avoiding the Flu or Colds by Auto-immunizing Yourself

If you don’t have access to water and soap, carry around a small bottle of hand sanitizer. After touching something the general public has access to like doorknobs, atm machines, arm rest, or handles on public transportation, etc., immediately sanitize your hands. If you use good universal hand washing or sanitizing methods, you will significantly reduce your chances of contracting a cold the flu or another airborne virus. Always remember to think every time before you touch your face, did I wash my hands or sanitize my hands recently? Lets all try to auto-immunize ourselves this year to avoid the dreaded flu!

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