Four Tips for Caregivers Looking to Find More Time

One of the biggest things you might be missing as a caregiver is more time. Especially more time to spend taking care of your own needs. But can you really find more of it?

Home Care Santa Monica CA - Four Tips for Caregivers Looking to Find More Time

Home Care Santa Monica CA – Four Tips for Caregivers Looking to Find More Time

Put Time for You in Your Calendar

It sounds simplistic, but if you put time for yourself into your schedule and therefore into your calendar, it’s more likely to happen. Having time that is just for you to take care of yourself is vital, no matter how much you have to do as a caregiver. In fact, the more you have to do as a caregiver, the more crucial time for yourself is. So the first step is to put it into your schedule. Put time for you in before you schedule other activities so you aren’t tempted to skip yourself in your scheduling.

Say No More Often than You Are

There are two answers to every task you’re asked to take on. You can either say yes and handle the task, or you can say no because you’re doing something else. When you’re strapped for time, odds are very good that you’re saying yes to way more things than you really should be. Experiment with saying no a little more often. First to see how it feels and second to free up some of your time.

Jump on Opportunities When They Arise

It’s also important for you to learn to recognize when you’re being given an opportunity to take some much needed time for yourself. You might find this by getting up a few minutes before your senior normally does and using that time to meditate or read. Or you might do this by postponing a low-priority chore when you could spend that time doing something just for you.

Look for Ways to Delegate More Often

Many caregivers also overlook the beauty of delegating tasks. It’s much easier to delegate than people believe it is, especially if you let go of your expectations for perfection in advance. Hiring home care providers is a fantastic way to learn to delegate effectively. Home care providers have experience in helping aging adults and their caregivers and they can take over just about anything you need handled.

Finding more time for yourself when you’re a caregiver is difficult, but it isn’t impossible. You might need to try a mix of these ideas and adjust them to fit your own unique situation as a caregiver.

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