Are Dogs or Cats Better for Companionship?

People often wonder which pet is better for companionship. Is a dog a better companion for an older adult or is it a cat? There is no right or wrong answer. There are pros and cons to each.

Pros and Cons of Dog Ownership

Home Care Los Angeles CA - Are Dogs or Cats Better for Companionship?

Home Care Los Angeles CA – Are Dogs or Cats Better for Companionship?

Dogs are loyal pets. They usually sense when comfort is needed, and they can do the same when it comes to showing a protective nature. They’re also great at prompting their owners to get up and take them outside for fresh air and exercise.

Before you get your parents a dog, you do need to make sure they’re financially able. Dogs should be spayed or neutered at the appropriate age. Vaccinations, heartworm medications and tests, and fecal exams are important.

They need to be trained so that they have basic manners like sitting, staying, coming, and laying down. You don’t want a dog that jumps all over people or is overly aggressive.

A larger dog may go through a bag of food every couple of weeks. Smaller dogs may not eat as much. Treats, accessories like leashes, and veterinary care add to the cost of owning a dog.

If your parents are likely to travel or to need to go to the hospital, a dog can make it harder to do. If it’s allowed, bringing the dog to a hotel, rental, or hospital room is stressful for everyone.

Plus, it limits how much time your parents will be out of their hotel or rental cottage if policies require the guest to bring the dog with them when they’re not in the room. Otherwise, someone needs to stop in and walk the dog, let the dog out for bathroom breaks, and feed the dog. Water bowls also need to be washed and refilled.

Pros and Cons of Cat Ownership

Cats are fantastic companions, but they want attention on their terms. If they’re not in the mood to be pet or cuddled, the claws may come out. That can make it hard to have companionship when you want it rather than when the cat does.

With cats, there’s no need to take the cat for a walk. Your parents will need to be able to clean a litter box, kept the cat fed, and brush the coat.

Cats offer a little more freedom. It’s okay to leave a cat overnight if a hospital stay or overnight trip is necessary. If the stay or trip is longer than that, someone needs to stop in and clean the litter, feed the cat, and clean and refill water bowls.

The best way to ensure your mom and dad have companionship is by looking at home care services. Dogs and cats are great companions, but they need care. If your parents are not able to provide everything a pet needs, home care providers are an alternative with added benefits.

Caregivers can not only spend time talking to your parents and engaging them in activities, but they also help with daily chores. Hire home care aides for companionship services and add extras like transportation, medication reminders, and cleaning. Call to learn more.

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