Put a Little Music in Your Parent’s Life

There’s an old saying that says “Music is good for the soul.” Studies have shown that music can provide healing, peace, and joy repeatedly. There’s just something about a tune playing that can take a dreary task or even an entire day and make it better. If your parent is a music lover but hasn’t had the opportunity to enjoy any music lately, here are some fun ways to get a little music back in their life. If you’re not able to attend any of these events with your parent, having a home care assistance provider bring your parent is always a nice option. Your home care assistance provider may also be able to help your parent find places to visit for music or even find new ways to enjoy it at home.

Home care assistance aides can help them enjoy a theatrical production

Home Care Assistance Santa Monica CA - Put a Little Music in Your Parent's Life

Home Care Assistance Santa Monica CA – Put a Little Music in Your Parent’s Life

It’s not only the big cities that put on musicals. Many smaller towns also have a community theater that you can visit for some good music. Many of those community theaters have senior citizen rates so make sure you ask about any discounts that may be offered. If your area doesn’t have a community theater, another place people often forget about is schools. While they may not always have the highest caliber performances, your elderly parent may really enjoy watching kids and teens work hard to perform a classical musical like Fiddler on the Roof or Sound of Music. Home care assistance providers can provide both companionship and transportation.

Find some music in the park

While the days stay nice, many local parks and gardens have small concerts over the weekend or even in the evenings. It might take a bit of searching on the internet or calling the right places, but your home care assistance provider can help your parent find the performance schedules around the area. The nice thing about many concerts in the parks or gardens is that they are often free. Guests may need to bring a lawn chair, but that’s about it. It makes for a lovely evening in the cooler hours of the day, enjoying both the sounds and sights of a park.

Have a special night out

If your parent has a favorite singer or band, check their touring schedule, and make it a special night out. You can go all out and have a nice dinner first and then go enjoy the music that your parent loves. Look for a band he grew up listening to or perhaps a singer who belts out his favorite songs.

Put on a family concert

If you have little ones or anyone who likes to perform, why not have them over to put on a little concert for your parent? It might be more mistakes than musical beauty but having fun with music will be the best part. Your parent might even enjoy sharing some of his favorite music from his youth and comparing it to what the grandkids are listening to today. However the time spend turns out, your parent is sure to have a great time both musically and enjoying his family.

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