Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors Recover From Falls At Home

Unfortunately falls are very common for seniors. Most seniors will experience at least one fall in their homes, and falls can cause serious injuries. Depending on the nature of the fall and how severe the injury is, your senior loved one could be recovering from a fall for months. If the injury is very severe, your senior loved one may need to go to rehab. But after that, your senior parent will need to continue their recovery at home. Home care assistance services can make it easier for seniors to adjust to being home again. Caregivers can also help seniors avoid more falls in the future.

Some of the many wonderful benefits of home care assistance services for seniors include:

Physical Therapy

Home Care Assistance Malibu CA - Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors Recover From Falls At Home

Home Care Assistance Malibu CA – Home Care Assistance Helps Seniors Recover From Falls At Home

If your parent needs to continue performing certain exercises or they need to start being more active and doing this like walking to help their injury heal and regain any lost mobility home care assistance providers can help with those tasks. A caregiver can encourage your loved one to get up and go for a walk by going with them and providing company during walks or even just slow walks around the yard. Those care providers can also help with transportation if your senior loved one needs to get to the store, the doctor, a physical therapy appointment, or anywhere else.

Help With Everyday Tasks

As your senior loved one recovers from their fall they may still have a hard time with everyday tasks around the house. Your senior parent may need the help of a caregiver to live safely at home and do things like shower, get dressed, or even use the bathroom. Care providers can help your senior loved one with all personal tasks and they can also run errands and do shopping for a senior parent if they are not able to drive.

Fall Prevention

One of the most important services that home care assistance provides for seniors is fall prevention. Once seniors have fallen in their homes they are more likely to fall. Repeated falls can cause very serious injuries that can require seniors to leave their homes and live in a facility. But your senior loved one can remain happily in their home with the support of care providers who can help them avoid falls at home. Care providers can make sure that there is no clutter blocking paths within the house.

Encouragement And Support

It’s hard to do the things that you know you need to do to get better when you’re hurting. Home care assistance providers can give seniors the extra help they need at home to make sure that they are safe in the house.

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