Fundamental Kitchen Safety for Your Senior

Basic kitchen safety can help your elderly family member to experience fewer surprises in the kitchen. It’s not always easy to know what to change, though, so these ideas might help you to put a task list together.

Elderly Care Ventura CA - Fundamental Kitchen Safety for Your Senior

Elderly Care Ventura CA – Fundamental Kitchen Safety for Your Senior

Slippery Floors Are a Huge Hazard

Slippery floors aren’t a big deal when your elderly family member is surer on her feet. But as she ages, she may experience injuries and conditions that make her a little less certain of her footing. That might mean that the hardwood floors that she loves to treat with lemon oil might be a little too slick. Or, if she still has old-style linoleum that loves floor wax, she may want to rethink that practice in favor of safety.

So Are Spills

As important as flooring is, it’s even more important that spills aren’t left in place. It can be easy to forget them, and from the angle of someone standing, your senior might not see the spill in time to avoid it. Beyond just having a wet sock, your elderly family member might fall because of a simple spill and that’s a massive problem. Keep towels handy to make mopping up spills easy and don’t let them linger.

Rugs Aren’t Necessary

Rugs, especially in the kitchen, serve primarily a decorative purpose. While they do make the floor look great and they might tie in with your senior’s decorating scheme, they’re not worth it if they bunch up and could possibly slip. Anything that can cause your elderly family member to trip and fall is something that she can do without, so nix the throw rugs in the kitchen.

Where She Stores Things Matters

Not all kitchens are set up in a way that’s ideal, unfortunately. If your elderly family member’s kitchen is still set up for how she used to use it, she might have some heavy or unwieldy items taking up prime space. Move those, especially if they’re only used rarely, and put commonly used items in the spots that are easier to access. That will make a big difference in usability for this room.

One way to help your senior to be even safer in the kitchen is to limit her time there whenever possible. Hiring elderly care providers to take over cooking and cleaning duties, especially in the kitchen, can help your elderly family member to spend only small amounts of time in the kitchen at all.

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