Four Ways People Are Turning Hobbies Into Acts of Kindness

Your parents don’t have to stop doing the things they love as they age. While they may need assistance with some steps of their favorite hobby, there are just as many steps they’ll do with ease.

Elderly Care Thousand Oaks CA - Four Ways People Are Turning Hobbies Into Acts of Kindness

Elderly Care Thousand Oaks CA – Four Ways People Are Turning Hobbies Into Acts of Kindness

If your mom loves needlepoint, she may need help getting the needle threaded, but the rest is going to be easy for her to complete. Your dad’s passion for gardening doesn’t have to end if he needs a walker.

One trend is to take a favorite hobby and use it to deliver an act of kindness. Here are four people who turned a beloved hobby into something that helps others.

#1 – Nancy Banta

New Jersey’s Nancy Banta enjoys crocheting. For more than two decades, she’s turned that hobby into a glorious act of kindness that supplies children in hospital pediatric wards with cozy blankets. It’s estimated that more than 1,000 of her crocheted blankets have ended up with a child.

#2 – Edward Higinbotham

In his early-90’s, nothing seems to be slowing this Pennsylvanian down. This real-life Santa spends time building elaborate wooden toy trucks in his workshop. Those toys are then donated to the local police who distribute them to children during the holidays.

#3 – Joao Stanganelli

This devoted husband took up crocheting with his wife. He soon discovered that he was pretty good at making crocheted dolls. He’s affected by vitiligo, a skin condition where a lack of pigment produces blotched skin tones.

When his granddaughter was also diagnosed, he created a doll with different skin tones for her. That hobby led to multiple requests for similar dolls to help children realize they’re not alone. His vitiligo dolls receive plenty of orders each year.

#4 – Jamie Willis

An army veteran found himself unable to work due to a disability that left it hard for him to walk without a cane. The first cane he was given broke. He reached out to a non-profit to learn they were out of canes, but that organization’s founder offered to teach him how to make a cane that would not break.

With the instructions, he found it was possible to turn a recycled Christmas tree into a durable, long-lasting cane. As a result, he started a Central Texas chapter of Canes for Veterans in 2016. In one day, he can make one cane that goes to a veteran.

Your parents gain a sense of pride and satisfaction when they have a hobby they love. Make sure they’re able to perform their favorite hobby by arranging elderly care when it’s needed. Caregivers can help with household chores, assist with favorite activities, and offer companionship as often as it’s desired. Call our elderly care agency to make arrangements.

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