Five Easy Ways Your Senior Can Avoid Falling While Exercising

Falls during exercise are unfortunately way too common, especially for older adults. If your elderly family member’s doctor has cleared her for exercise, you both need to be alert for ways to help her to avoid a tumble.

Elderly Care Santa Monica CA - Five Easy Ways Your Senior Can Avoid Falling While Exercising

Elderly Care Santa Monica CA – Five Easy Ways Your Senior Can Avoid Falling While Exercising

Exercising at the Right Time for Her

When your senior exercises matters a great deal for her safety. If she’s exercising when she feels off or when she’s more likely to have trouble balancing, that’s leaving her open to injury and possibly to a fall. Exercising when she’s sleepy or when she hasn’t eaten yet could all contribute. Take some time to figure out when your senior is likely to be best able to exercise.

Managing Her Medication Properly

Medication side effects are no joke, and they can be a big cause of exercise injuries if your elderly family member isn’t careful. Side effects like dizziness and drowsiness might be avoidable if your elderly family member is taking her medication properly. Finding ways to ensure that she’s managing her medication properly can help a lot. That might mean using medication dispensers that use reminder alarms as a way to make sure she’s taking them on time.

Wearing the Right Shoes

Your senior’s footwear makes a big difference in avoiding a fall during exercise. Her shoes need to fit properly and they should have a sole that supports her well. They should have decent arch support and ideally they should tie or otherwise secure easily and well. If your senior’s shoes don’t feel secure or fit well, they’re more likely to cause problems that could lead to a fall while she’s exercising.

Avoiding Pushing Herself Too Hard

It’s great if your senior wants to challenge herself as she exercises, but that can be a problem, too. Pushing herself too hard can mean that she winds up in a position where she’s not able to catch herself if she does start to fall. When she takes her time and avoids pushing herself to the ends of her limits, she leaves herself some space to have extra energy if she needs it.

Resting When She Needs It

All too often older adults forget that resting is not a bad thing at all. When your elderly family member needs to rest, it’s okay for her to do so. Listening to that need can help her to preserve her energy for tasks and activities that she needs and wants to do beyond exercise.

Having a little extra help with mobility concerns can ease your mind and ensure that your senior is as safe as possible. Elderly care providers can offer mobility assistance that makes a huge difference.

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