Tips for Safely Engaging With Visitors Again

As restrictions lessen and states start saying small family gatherings are allowed, how do you keep your mom safe? It is good to use caution as your mom starts to see her family members again. These tips help her and your family stay safe while the virus is still out there.

Elderly Care Los Angeles CA - Tips for Safely Engaging With Visitors Again

Elderly Care Los Angeles CA – Tips for Safely Engaging With Visitors Again

Keep Gatherings to a Minimum

Start by keeping gatherings small. Most guidelines are no more than 10 people. If your mom has a small home or yard where 10 people would be shoulder to shoulder, don’t invite that many. Split up gatherings into smaller groups.

It’s understandable that the family would want to gather at the same time, but you shouldn’t risk your mom’s health. Each sibling could gather with your mom on different days so that she can see her children and grandchildren in small groups.

Don’t Let Safety Become an Afterthought

Don’t forget about safety measures. While your mom has family over, everyone needs to wash hands and avoid physical contact with your mom. Even if they don’t believe they have the virus, some people are asymptomatic. That’s why face masks, staying six feet apart, and not sharing cutlery or cups are important.

Hold Events Outside

Hold gatherings outside when the weather is good. If you can have a barbecue outside in the fresh air, it gives the family room to spread out and stay the recommended six feet apart. Camping chairs set at least six feet apart with milk crates or plant stands to hold beverages and plates work well.

If you have picnic tables or patio tables, make sure the number of people sitting at that table is minimized. One person per side is advisable.

Stay Home if You’re Sick

If you are sick or think you may have been around someone with the virus, stay home. As much as you want to help your mom, it will help her more if you hire an elderly care aide and stay home. Let the elderly care aide run errands, clean the house, prepare meals, and do the laundry.

Many states are offering tests now at drive-through testing stations. Get tested and remember that there is a chance of having a false negative. If it is negative, you should still stay away from your mom for a couple of weeks for her safety. With elderly care aides helping your mom with daily or weekly chores, you don’t have to worry that she’s struggling. She’ll be fine while you’re focusing on your health.

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