What Are the Goals of Elder Care?

What do you know about elder care services? Also known as elderly care, it’s exactly that. It’s care services for the elderly. They’re designed to help your mom maintain her independence as she ages at home.

That’s what elder care is, but how does it help your mom achieve her goals while aging? Here are the services and ways it helps your mom’s overall goal of being independent, enjoying activities, and staying in her home.

Assistance With Housework and Laundry

Elder Care Santa Monica CA - What Are the Goals of Elder Care?

Elder Care Santa Monica CA – What Are the Goals of Elder Care?

Elder care aides can clean the home. Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and washing dishes are all possible. You can hire caregivers to do your mom’s laundry, change sheets, and make her bed. The caregiver can load the dishwasher, run it, and put things away.

Elder Care Aides can Help With Meals and Snacks

Your mom isn’t comfortable cooking meals anymore. Arthritis pain makes it hard for her to slice and chop ingredients. You bought her a food processor to help, but she cut her hand on the blade and is scared to use it.

A caregiver can help your mom plan a weekly menu. After checking inventory in the kitchen, her caregiver can bring your mom to the grocery store to shop for ingredients. The caregiver puts the new groceries away and prepares meals and snacks for her.

Reminders to Take Medications

Your mom often forgets to take her blood pressure medication when she’s supposed to. She forgot yesterday’s dose and takes two pills to make up for it. It puts her safety at risk.

A caregiver can remind your mom when to take her daily prescriptions. Once she’s taken them, the caregiver can note them on a whiteboard or laminated sheet for your mom to clearly see she’s taken her pills. The pills can be put away in a drawer or cabinet to prevent your mom from trying to take more.

Safe Rides to Area Businesses and Other Locations

Your mom had an accident. She mixed up the brake and gas pedal. This is more common than you might think. Other issues older drivers face are slowed reaction times and problems fully turning to check blind spots.

Hire elder care aides to drive your mom to stores, her medical appointments, and other area businesses. If your mom needs her prescriptions refilled, she can have a caregiver drive her to the pharmacy. If she wants to go to a local park for a walk in the gardens, her caregiver can bring her.

Elder Care Provides Support During and After Showering

The bathroom is one area of the home where falls are more likely to occur. A slippery bathroom floor is a leading reason for falls among the elderly. You can add grab bars to support your mom while she steps in and out of the shower area, but a caregiver can do much more.

With an elder care aide available during shower time, your mom has someone to hold for support while she steps over the edge of a tub or in and out of the shower area. If she needs help washing her hair or body, her caregiver can help.

Once you know the services your mom needs, call our elder care specialist. Go over the things your mom needs to maintain her independence. You might learn about services you didn’t know existed during this conversation. Once you have a care plan established, book a caregiver for your mom.

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