Ways to Improve Life for an Elder with Dementia

Dementia has a huge impact on your senior’s life and on the quality of her life. The way that you. your senior and her elder care aide approach this now and for the future matters quite a lot.

Learn as Much as You Can about Dementia

Elder Care Malibu CA - Ways to Improve Life for an Elder with Dementia

Elder Care Malibu CA – Ways to Improve Life for an Elder with Dementia

The more that you understand dementia and how it affects your senior’s brain, the easier it will be for you to support her as her condition progresses. Keep your own goals realistic based on what you learn about dementia. There’s a lot more to the cognitive changes that go along with dementia than just memory loss. Get to know what other possible changes your elderly family member might face.

Keep Her Home as Safe as Possible

Go through your senior’s home and do a safety sweep. If there’s anything obvious that needs to be adjusted, don’t put off those changes. Make sure that her smoke detectors work, that she has fire extinguishers, and consider a monitored security system. Double check that her bathroom is safe for her to use and remove clutter as much as possible.

Keep Track of Your Senior’s Needs

Your senior’s needs are likely to change more quickly than you or she expect. She may find that some activities that she’s always handled on her own suddenly are becoming difficult. Or she may simply need help with little tasks more often. When you’re prepared for those changes and paying attention to how her abilities are changing, that helps you to get her the assistance that she needs.

Manage Your Own Stress

Caregiving for a senior with dementia is not easy. It’s really important that you make sure that you’re making sure you have time for yourself and that you’re able to attend to your own needs. Trying to do too much on your own for too long is a key way to edge closer to burning out as a family caregiver.

Bring in Elder Care Help Early

Help makes a huge difference when you’re a family caregiver for a senior with dementia. And it’s a lot better to bring help in earlier than you might expect than it is to wait too long. Elder care providers can assist your senior with household tasks, errands, meal preparation, and so much more, including companionship and transportation once driving becomes too difficult.

With the right plan, your senior can have a great quality of life for a long time, even with dementia.

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