Four Tips for Helping Your Senior to Sit or Stand

Mobility changes can happen a lot more quickly than either you or your senior expect. It might be a good idea to practice these movements listed here with your elderly family member, even if she’s perfectly able to stand and to sit on her own for right now. Having a handle on the process will definitely help if the task becomes too difficult for her in the near future.

Elder Care Thousand Oaks CA - Four Tips for Helping Your Senior to Sit or Stand

First Make Sure You’re Both in the Right Spot

Proper positioning is key, whether your senior is preparing to sit down or to stand up. If she’s sitting and wants to stand, she’ll need to move forward toward the edge of where she’s sitting. This allows her to use the leverage of the seat itself. To prepare to sit down, she needs to be as close to the seat as possible, with the backs of her legs up against the seat edge. You’ll need to be in front of her, facing her, in either scenario.

Make Sure You’re Braced and Ready

You’re involved in this process as a stabilizer for your elderly family member. That means that you need to be braced and ready to go when she’s ready. Make sure you’re close to her, but not encroaching in her personal space. Bend your knees and prepare to take her weight at least a little bit.

Hold Your Arms Out for Your Senior

Once you’re both ready, hold out your arms toward your senior. She needs to be able to grasp your forearms or your upper arms so that she’s properly braced. You need to make sure you’re not grabbing her anywhere, though. If you do feel that you need to catch her or help to stabilize her even more, gently hold her waist.

Take Your Time

The most important thing to remember about all of this is that you can take your time. Whether your senior is preparing to sit or to stand, move with her and stay there until she indicates that she’s stabilized. Give her a few moments and make sure you’re letting her lead this process. Remember, you’re there to brace her.

Practice makes perfect with this dance. If you’re still not sure you’re doing things just right, it might be a good idea to bring in elder care providers. Elder care aides can help your senior and you learn the best ways to assist her with the mobility concerns she has.

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