Four Actions to Take After Your Senior Falls

If the worst should happen and your aging adult falls, you might feel at a loss for what to do. Being prepared with an action plan before your elderly family member ever experiences that first fall is crucial so that you don’t waste any time if she does happen to fall.

Elder Care Santa Monica CA - Four Actions to Take After Your Senior Falls

Elder Care Santa Monica CA – Four Actions to Take After Your Senior Falls

Head to the Doctor

The very first step to take after a fall, even a minor one that seemingly doesn’t injure your senior, is to take her to her doctor. Her doctor can run tests and examine your senior and determine whether she’s experienced any injuries or issues as a result of the fall. Some injuries can appear to be minor at first, but have serious effects later. It’s always better to rule out potential issues rather than believing all is well.

Figure out Why She Fell

Another reason to take your senior to her doctor is to see if he can determine what caused her fall. In some situations, you might already know that she tripped or that she felt dizzy. But if there’s an underlying reason that you’re unaware of, you need to know. Muscle weakness, low blood pressure, and dehydration are just a few of the potential causes.

Plan a Course of Action

Once you’ve got a handle on potential injuries and causes, you can start formulating a plan. Your senior’s doctor might recommend that she starts an exercise plan or that she goes to get her eyes checked. If she’s having blood pressure issues or other health problems, your elderly family member might need to start taking medication.

Work with Elder Care Providers to Prevent Future Falls

Hiring elder care providers who specialize in fall prevention is another good step. They can help you to fall proof your elderly family member’s home and watch for signs of trouble related to what caused her previous fall. They’re often able to help your elderly family member subtly make lifestyle changes that otherwise might make her balk. Those changes can be the difference between never falling again and experiencing one or more additional falls.

Make sure that you take this first fall seriously and encourage your elderly family member to do the same. In fact, the CDC advises that a person’s risk of falling again doubles once they’ve experienced one fall. The more seriously you take this first fall, the more likely your senior will be to avoid another one.

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