Is Companion Care at Home the Best Way to Help Seniors?

Your parents are getting older, and you notice there are things they have a more challenging time completing. Whether they struggle to prepare meals or can’t drive to the store anymore, it’s time to talk about the best ways to help them as they age at home. Could companion care at home be the solution?

How Are They Currently Getting the Help They Need?

Companion Care at Home Santa Monica CA - Is Companion Care at Home the Best Way to Help Seniors?

Companion Care at Home Santa Monica CA – Is Companion Care at Home the Best Way to Help Seniors?

If your family is like most, you probably work all week and spend the weekend catching up on both your and your parents’ household chores. You have little free time for the activities you enjoy, and that’s starting to frustrate you.

You need to sit down and look at the things your parents do independently and the areas where they need help. Once you have that list, see if anyone in the family has time to help out. If you split up some of these chores, it is easier for everyone to have free time for activities and social engagements.

Even with your brothers and sisters chipping in, you may still find there are days when no one is available. That’s when you need to look at home care services.

What Companion Care at Home Offers

Start by talking to your parents about the many ways companion care at home helps them remain independent. It can be as simple as having a caregiver stop by once a week to change the sheets and towels, do the laundry, and put everything away when it’s clean and dry.

What about other housekeeping tasks? Are you struggling to take care of both your home and theirs on the weekend? Hire companion care at home to make sure the light housekeeping is done at their home, which leaves you with time to take them out on weekends instead of rushing to complete chores.

If your parents have a hard time cooking meals and snacks, they can have a caregiver prepare foods for them. They’ll enjoy homemade meals, which are often healthier, and save money over ordering takeout every night.

Your parents learned their eyesight is worsening. Their eye doctor recommends they stop driving. They’re not happy and refuse to rely on public transportation. They could have companion care aides available to drive them to stores, medical offices, senior centers, libraries, and other locations.

It’s time to arrange companion care at home. To get started, call our agency and ask to speak to a specialist. You’ll go through the list of home care services that will benefit your parents. Once you know what services are best, you can schedule visits.

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