What Supplements Can a Senior Take for Arthritis?

Choosing the right supplements to ease arthritis pain may be one of the best things a senior can do to battle inflammation. Of course, every senior should communicate with their doctors about any supplements they take. Some supplements may actually make inflammation worse, and that is why it can be so imperative to avoid those and go for the right kind. Some seniors may want to take vitamins, but they can’t remember to take them. If your senior needs friendly reminders to do certain things to stick to their daily routine, it is time to consider hiring companion care at home providers.

Companion Care at Home Ventura CA - What Supplements Can a Senior Take for Arthritis?

Companion Care at Home Ventura CA – What Supplements Can a Senior Take for Arthritis?

Companion care at home professionals can help a senior eat, bathe, and get dressed every day. Companion care at home can be a full-time or part-time job that can help remind a senior to take certain medications at specific times. Sometimes a friendly reminder is all a person needs to take daily vitamins.

Here are a few options to help your elderly loved one with arthritis. Hire companion care at home aides to monitor their progress.

Curcumin or Turmeric Root

Many studies show that turmeric root has anti-inflammatory properties that make it good for seniors to take small doses. This is a natural herb that you can use in cooking, but not everyone likes the flavor it adds to the food. Instead, try using curcumin supplements which is a good alternative. Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, and that is why it can be just as beneficial to the body.

Try Using Vitamin D Supplements

There is a link between vitamin D deficiency and osteoarthritis. To avoid this, a senior may start taking vitamin D supplements, which their doctors may even recommend. If a senior wants to learn about their vitamin levels, the best thing they can do is go to their doctor and get labs drawn. This is when they take blood and test it for any deficiencies.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

With certain fats, a senior should be very careful with how much they consume. Not all fats are created equal. However, Omega-3s are crucial to have enough of, especially when a senior is battling arthritis. Some research suggests that this fatty acid carries a variety of anti-inflammatory properties. Most of these supplements come as fish oil, but some come from plant-based options if your elderly loved one does not like the taste or smell of fish oil. Finding something plant-based will also help prevent mercury contamination.


This is a supplement that can be great for elderly people with arthritis. This is naturally found in the human body and can be a great thing to take daily if it’s okay with their doctors. It may help rebuild worn-out cartilage and relieve pain where arthritis is occurring. This product is derived from shellfish and is something to keep in mind if your senior loved one has a fish allergy.

It should be noted that supplements are not exactly quick fixes to problems. This has to be added to a daily routine and worked on daily. A senior will only notice a gradual difference after a few weeks of taking a supplement. They may only notice a difference when they stop taking a supplement. So, it is crucial to stick with it.

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