Five Ways Caregivers Help Your Mom After a Fall

Your mom fell. She may have hit her head, broke a bone, or need stitches from lacerations. After a fall, it’s a good time to discuss the benefits of caregivers. These are the ways caregivers will help your mom around her home after she’s fallen.

Caregiver Ventura CA - Five Ways Caregivers Help Your Mom After a Fall

Caregiver Ventura CA – Five Ways Caregivers Help Your Mom After a Fall


If your mom is struggling with mobility after falling and breaking her leg, caregivers can help. Your mom will have someone to help her as she gets in and out of the shower or out of bed. If your mom needs help getting up and down the stairs. caregivers can help.

A caregiver can support your mom as she walks from one room to another or during a walk outside while recovering from a hip fracture. If your mom is adjusting to using a walker or cane, the caregiver can help with that, too.


Your mom cannot do her laundry. Walking down the stairs into the basement is too risky. Caregivers can do her laundry for her. She’ll have a caregiver available to wash her clothes and linens, dry them, fold them, and put them away.

Meal Preparation

Your mom broke her arm and can’t cook a meal for now. She broke her ankle and cannot stand for long. Caregivers can cook her meals for her. Caregivers can help her come up with a weekly menu, create the shopping list, and get groceries for her.

Personal Care

When she has a broken bone, personal care may be difficult for your mom. She may not be able to get dressed without help. She may not be able to brush and style her hair. She may not be able to wash her hair.

Caregivers can help with personal care, grooming, and hygiene. As your mom heals, home care services can change as her abilities improve.


Whether she broke an arm, wrist, ankle, or leg, one thing your mom will not be able to do at first is drive. She needs time to recover before she’s driving again. Caregivers can drive her to stores, restaurants, and other local businesses.

Caregivers can drive your mom to her physical therapy appointments. They can drive her to follow-up medical appointments and bring her to the doctor’s office on the day she gets her cast removed. Her routine doesn’t have to stop if she falls and injures herself. Caregivers make sure she’s able to get to other destinations.

Make sure your mom understands that caregivers are not there to take away her independence and freedom. Caregivers are there to support her so that she can stay independent in her home. Call a home care agency to discuss caregivers and the services they offer.

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